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Jun 15, 2020

WE Solicitors represent former Barrow worker who now resides in Canada.


WE Solicitors LLP have recently been instructed to act for a former shipbuilder from Cumbria, diagnosed with asbestos related illness. Despite emigrating to Canada in the mid 1970’s, he is able to claim compensation for his exposure to asbestos whilst working here in the UK. Often, in these circumstances, those now living abroad do not realise they remain eligible to claim in the UK.

We have represented many expats who left the UK in the 1970’s heading to commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, looking for new opportunities and a better life for themselves and their families. Most were skilled workers including shipbuilders, boiler makers, builders, carpenters and engineers.

A number of the expats who have instructed the firm remained in the UK throughout their working life and decided to relocate to warmer climates on retirement. In addition to the commonwealth countries mentioned above, we have represented people who have moved to France, Spain, Greece, Cyrpus, Miami and the Caribbean. Sufferers may find that are not able to access medical assistance in the country where they now reside and some have returned to the UK to undergo the NHS treatment they so urgently require.

If you or someone you know who is living abroad believes they may be suffering with an asbestos related illness caused by exposure to asbestos in the UK, please contact us today by email or by telephone on 0800 294 3064 (or 00 44 800 294 3064 from outside the UK) to discuss how we can assist you. We can provide advice about accessing government benefits and also bringing a civil action against those responsible for the negligent exposure to asbestos.

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