Exposed but not diagnosed

Asbestos in your home?

We represent clients who have contracted asbestos related illnesses, if you are worried about Asbestos in your home then please visit for more help and information.


Asbestos exposure

Please bear in mind that it usually takes 20+ years for an asbestos related condition to show up during investigations.

Step 1
Contact us immediately in order that we can make some initial enquires as to the status of your former employers etc.

Step 2
Arrange to see your GP.

Step 3
Explain to your GP about your asbestos exposure and your concerns.

Step 4
Your GP should then refer you to your local hospital for a chest x-ray.

Step 5
The radiologist will report back to your GP with his findings.

Step 6
Make a further appointment with your GP to discuss the findings.

Step 7
Contact us and let us know the findings.

Step 8
Should your x-ray reveal an asbestos related condition you may be referred to a consultant at your hospital for further investigations.

And we will then assist you in obtaining compensation from your former employer or their insurers and any state benefits you may be entitled to.