What Can I Claim

You are entitled compensation for your pain and suffering.  Lung Cancer claims attract damages of approximately £50,000 to £90,000 for the injury depending on its severity plus financial losses on top of this.  The final amount will depend upon many factors including the period of time the illness lasts, the symptoms suffered, the age of the sufferer, any loss of earnings and the care required.


We will claim compensation for all past and future financial losses including care, loss of earnings or income and to pay for assistance with DIY, gardening, medical expenses etc.  Many clients obtain compensation in excess of a £100,000.

If the sufferer has received care from a hospice, we solicitors enable the sufferer to include a claim on behalf of the hospice to make a financial contribution for the care received. This is held on trust and paid to the hospice.  Many of our clients are pleased to be able to allow this contribution to be made.  It is paid on top of the sufferer’s compensation so will not leave him/ her out of pocket.